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Nutitional Counseling

TCM Nutrition

Foods and diet are very important for health and wellness. The quality of foods that one consumes on daily basis has a great impact on one's health because of the foods' accumulated effect on the body.

Through the years, traditional Chinese medicine has developed systematic theories and principles of nutrition to promote health and longevity. TCM separates food into flavors -salty, bitter, sweet, spicy, sour, and bland - each of which acts on the body in a specific way. Foods also have temperatures due to their inherent nature as well as the way they are prepared.

The foundation of a healthy diet in TCM is regularity and balance of flavors and temperatures one eats. The best way to maintain health is to avoid eating too much of one flavor or temperature by choosing a wide range of foods that are seasonal, fresh, and unprocessed. By eating a varied diet, one can maintain an internal balance that fuels both the body and the mind.

Because every person has different needs and predispositions, no one diet is good for everybody. While some people must eat foods that are warming and energizing, others benefit from foods that are cooling in nature. There are some people designed to thrive with vegetables, while there are people supposed to eat plenty of meats to maintain the health. Also, specific food cravings or food allergies can draw attention to imbalances within the body that can then be treated by changing the ratios of food flavors and temperatures being ingested.

At New Orleans Acupuncture Wellness Center, nutritional counseling is provided as an integral part of our practice because diet can be used both as a method of diagnosing and treating diseases. Dietary recommendations are usually made according to the patient's individual condition. Based on the principles of TCM and a detailed analysis of your overall condition, we can provide dietary prescriptions that can help increase the energy levels, boost the immune system, improve overall health, and control weight.




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